Ghostly Whispers

Ghostly Whispers: A Forensic Murder Mystery Adventure

For 150 years, the community of Dunedin has been baffled by the sudden disappearance of colonial architect Montgomery William Fitzroy. With no leads to follow, the case eventually went cold, but another mystery soon emerged. 

People began reporting ghostly whispers and other unexplained phenomena at the post office. Their stories captured the attention of one man who devoted his entire life to solving the enigma, respected local historian Dr Henry Fairweather. After meticulously compiling decades of research into a book, Dr Fairweather was eager to unveil his profound discoveries. 

Beneath the watchful gaze of the full moon illuminating All Hallows Eve, an exclusive congregation of intrigued individuals eagerly awaited the inaugural reading of his unearthly findings. However, before Dr Fairweather could take the stage and reveal the secrets long concealed within the old post office's walls, fate dealt a grim hand—his lifeless figure was discovered within the building, casting a shroud of darkness over the event. 

It's up to you to find the evidence, solve the clues, and catch the culprit in just 90 minutes. Crime scene suits and forensic equipment will be supplied, and you'll employ real forensic analysis techniques, like fingerprint examination and bloodstain analysis, to investigate each suspect. Can you crack the case and rewrite history?

This is an R16 event. People will be grouped in teams of up to 6. Please email if you have booked separately from your party but wish to work together. Your ticket includes a complimentary drink of your choice from Alchemist Mixology, and each team will receive a savoury platter from the award-winning caterer, Precinct Food.

Two sessions, either: 5.15pm or  8.15pm, Sunday 17 December 2023
H D Skinner Annex, Tūhura Otago Museum
$68 per person – Bookings essential // R16