Adult Events

The Science of Crime offers you the chance to become a detective for the night to uncover evidence, decipher clues, and bring a killer to justice. 

Our forensic experts will be on hand to help with your investigation, while Alchemist Mixology provides custom cocktails and appetisers to fuel your detective work. With logic, quick wits, and attention to detail, you and your team will explore the immersive crime scene to work out how, when, and who committed the crime. 

Your ticket includes a free drink on arrival, and a bar is open throughout the evening. Join us for an unforgettable night of mystery and suspense!


Unlock fun, mystery and adventure with The Science of Crime

Ready to step into the shoes of a forensic detective and catch a killer? Join us for an immersive and interactive murder mystery experience and put your sleuthing skills to the test. You must find the evidence, solve the clues, and catch the culprit in just 90 minutes!

Dunedin-based forensic expert, Dr Angela 'Bones' Clark, will be on hand to assist you with your investigation, while the locally owned and operated company, Alchemist Mixology, provides custom cocktails and appetisers. 

No physical fitness is required, and no serious crimes, horror or terror - just inclusive, immersive and brilliant forensic-adventure for everyone!